One to One

Questions asked, mysteries revealed, shadows held, rituals partaken, messages received, and change experienced.  All in the name of awakening to who you really are. All sessions will unfold differently because we will be present to what is. Some of the tools I use: intuitive listening, feeling and seeing, crystals, my Neuro Light, scent, smoke, tarot. Sessions are typically 90 -120 minutes and available via sliding scale. Most people value their session between 90-350 dollars. No one is turned away due to lack of funds.


Client Love From One-to-One Sessions


I had the pleasure of meeting Jessie and the inventor of the Neuro Light, Garnet at the Bulletproof Conference earlier this Fall. I laid down for three sessions at the conference and found the experiences very powerful and helpful with neuroplasticity. While there I discovered Jessie provides Neuro Light sessions out of her Berkeley studio, so I scheduled a session with her. I have had a follow up session with her and plan on additional sessions.

Jessie is a very caring and thoughtful Neuro Light provider. I have found my sessions with her very helpful with stress reduction and further elimination of mental blocks. The brain is a pliable organ and Neuro Light is a very powerful way to change for positive outcomes and experiences.

I would encourage anyone thinking about adding this technology to their mental and emotional improvement stack to see Jessie and experience a more pliable mind.

Chris C.



When I first met Jessie, We spoke briefly and she instantly picked up some issues I was currently going through at that time. Intimacy being one of them. Trust was another related issue that I found out through her, that I had a problem with. Through extensive talks she had opened my eyes to what it would be like to live in a way that would open my heart to love in all aspects of my relationships, workplace, day to day living.

Her presence has made it safe to move more confidently in my world and face challenges easily. She patiently works with me to overcome obstacles that have stagnated my ability to move forward and cause me to feel separated from the world, my addiction to sugar being one of the obstacles we discovered together. She was then able to plan a healing protocol with the Neuro Light That addresses these issues. I am grateful to have work with Jessie and her teachings are planted in my psyche and I can pull from them when needed.

Gabriel J.



I've had the opportunity to experience the Neuro Light on several occasions. Each and every time I am left in a completely calm state (sometimes nodding off into a deep sleep) 🙂

Jessie creates a loving environment and employs crystals and aromatherapy. The combination guided me down a path of total relaxation. The light "show" is just the icing on the cake!

Tom F.

Personal Trainer and Movement Restoration Specialist


I really loved my experience with Jessie and her Neuro Light! I'm excited for more sessions!

I liked the way Jessie began. She asked me some life questions which worked to provide focus. It was a very good way for me to be clear about what I was looking for and what I wanted to get out of the session. She also incorporated some stones and crystals into the session.

Then the Neuro Light experience was beautiful! I tried to stay present during the whole thing. I found the flashing lights and the ambient music to be very relaxing.

The most profound moment of the Neuro Light experience was a deep inner voice answering one of my questions. I wanted to know why I stay on a particular path in life and the answer was so simple and so profound, "Because that's who you are." As a result I have no more questions about this path. I feel more confident that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be and my hard work will pay off.

She also helped me connect the dots on some long standing generational wounding around my mother that was holding me back.

After the session, my body felt much lighter and my brain felt more relaxed. I would highly recommend Jessie to anyone who is in need of either a profound life shift or anyone who simply needs a brain vacation.

Berda G.



Wow. I had the gift of receiving Neuro Light therapy from Jessie and I am in love with this modality of healing. Honestly, it feels like a galactic form of reiki, and reminds me so much of working with plants in the ways it processes blocked energy. I am so in love with the technology we have created here being used in this mystical, scientific inter-weavings for the resolution of health issues without the need for invasive medication or treatment. Wow. Massive portals of possibility opening!

Jane M.

Shamanic Healer & Ceremonialist

Group Events

Gather a group of 8 friends for a 2 1/2 hour-long evening of transformational healing and meditation with the Neuro Light.

✓  Introduction and sharing

✓  Energy clearing

✓  Intention setting, writing, and burning

✓  2 11-minute sessions based on the group needs

✓  Break, tea, snack, rest

✓  Yin Yoga and breath work

✓  1 22 minute session to close out the evening

Couples Neuro Light Healing

Experience a deeper level of connection, healing, and meditation with your partner and the Neuro Light.

“Jessie is highly intuitive and gave us some sage advice to strengthen our relationship. After our session I felt blissed out and downloaded a lot of information I journaled immediately.  It was the closest thing to how I feel after breathwork.  If you’re a spiritual seeker or just seeking some self-care, I highly recommend this healing treatment!”

Office Wellness Program

Treat your office teammates to the unique experience of a Neuro Light 11-minute meditation session with targeted essential oils to calm the nervous system and help you drop deeper into yourself, crystal healing therapy to offer added benefits, and therapeutic adaptogenic tea service to support your entire system.

Half Day =  12 people

Full Day =  24 people

Picture Spirit Reading

There are the sayings, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, and, “Your eyes are the windows to your soul”.

This is the basis of my newest offering, Picture Spirit Readings.

How It Works

You email me an unfiltered picture of you with one question, or, an area of your life you would like support, clarity, and healing in. I will tune into your energetic frequency and work with your “Spiritual Street Team”, and report back. These readings usually take between 1 and 2 hours and have a sliding scale investment of $88 – $111 dollars

Client Love From Picture Readings

E. B.

The information you provided feels right on. Your intuitive support and space holding did a lot to set my mind and heart at ease.



The spirit reading was beautiful. It made me cry. Thank you. I felt recognized and affirmed.



Wow. That was really painful. Very accurate. You definitely helped me free myself. Eye am eternally grateful. You are appreciated.



Thank you for the reading! Lots to think about and digest.



Thank you! I feel empowered again and that feels amazing. You are amazing!


Kery B

Totally resonates..I loved the part about a struggle between the head and the heart. Also that you said I don’t need roadmap or to even know how it will turn out, to just go for it. Thank you! You have a gift. You are a one and only!!!

Kery B

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a session like? No one session is the same. The goal and benefits of a session are expanded perception and initiating change in the individual through using the tools of Neuro Light meditation session, mindful inquiry, intuitive guidance, crystal healing, and essential oil aromatherapy.
What is your cancellation policy? Please cancel within 24 hours of scheduled appointment time.