OTH focuses on using sensory (light, sound, smell, touch, functional food, and movement) healing methods to bring about positive neuroplastic change in individuals.

We use a healing technology called the Neuro Light that uses light and sound to promote positive neuroplastic changes in the brain, open new neural pathways, increase energy, facilitate new learning and ways of being. OTH also integrates crystal healing, intuitive guidance, and essential oils that are specifically formulated to energetically support the brain on a molecular level through subtle energy fields.

We strive to lead with transparency, gentle strength, integrity, and love in all we do. We strive to be of service to humanity and give in ways that are aligned with our goals of health, wellness, evolution, empowerment, and abundance for all.


Omana Total Health is founded on a few main principles.
Because your brain is neuroplastic you are capable of great change and healing at anytime in your life. OTH strives to help you open new neural pathways in your brain, which are created every time we experience something new and different. Read this fantastic blog about Neuroplasticity and creating new neural pathways
Your brain is your body and your body is your brain. There is no separation.
You are your own best authority. You are the most knowledgeable about what is best for you. OTH is here to reflect your deepest inner knowing back to you.
Hi, I’m Jessie, The Founder of Omana Total Health. I am an intuitive healer,  Neuro Light guide, loving space holder, mirror, and spiritual counselor.  

Are you Ready?

You are ready to work with me when:

You are sick and tired of being sick and tired and ready to embrace change within yourself.
You become aware that your soul signed up to heal deep dysfunctional lineage patterns – and you want support to break the patterns and wounding passed down from generation to generation. In other words: The Buck Stops with you.
You are ready to look at parts of yourself that have been repressed and are crying out for love, support, acknowledgment, and healthy integration.
You are ready to bring these parts of yourself and your new awarenesses to a new modality of healing using the Neuro Light, a sensory tool of neuroplasticity that uses light and sound to promote the opening of new neural pathways in the brain and a new understanding and learning.
You are ready to go into the dark to make way for the light creating emotional healing of body, mind, and soul.
You want to have a new experience of meditation and/or have trouble sticking to a meditation routine.
You want to increase vitality, self-awareness, and experience acceleration on your spiritual path.