When I first met Jessie, We spoke briefly and she instantly picked up some issues I was currently going through at that time. Intimacy being one of them. Trust was another related issue that I found out through her, that I had a problem with. Through extensive talks she had opened my eyes to what it would be like to live in a way that would open my heart to love in all aspects of my relationships, workplace, day to day living.

Her presence has made it safe to move more confidently in my world and face challenges easily. She patiently works with me to overcome obstacles that have stagnated my ability to move forward and cause me to feel separated from the world, my addiction to sugar being one of the obstacles we discovered together. She was then able to plan a healing protocol with the Neuro Light That addresses these issues. I am grateful to have work with Jessie and her teachings are planted in my psyche and I can pull from them when needed.

Gabriel J.