Introducing The Embodiment Blend Essential Oil Gem Elixir

A potent blend of Cold pressed jojoba oil, 100% essential oils, black tourmaline and garnet, sage smoke, and powerful intentions.

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Designed to support your journey in embodied living from your head to your heart.

We are living in a powerful time in humanity where human souls are waking up to the perfection and beauty of who we really are. This awakening involves changing the way we we live by reorienting ourselves to life and letting our hearts guide our beliefs, decisions, and actions rather than using our ego which operates through our minds. 

This process can feel disorienting- so I created this essential oil gem elixir to soothe our senses and help our minds connect with our hearts when we anoint and smell it. 

I have infused the essential oils with black tourmaline and garnet to offer extra protection and grounding during this process. 

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This Embodiment blend Essential Oil is available by donation (17 – 38 dollars suggested donation per 10ML bottle.) No one will be denied one due to lack of funds. Please enter all the information below and pay the amount that feels right to you. Usually the first amount you see or hear in your head.

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