Traveling helps me learn how to leave- aka embrace change. As soon as I get acclimated to something- I like to stay until the rails fall off – my grip so tight. Traveling helps me learn to let go. It helps me to have faith when I don’t know where I am or have never been where I am going, that I will get there.. and then when I am nice and comfortable- I will have to leave. I just left somewhere today and I didn’t want to- I had been surrounded by new friends and nourishing healing food and experiences- but it was time to go. As I left, I hugged the receptionist- the first angelic like person I met there like we had known each other for decades and she started crying and said, “I don’t want you to go friend, everyday I have to say goodbye.” I nodded in acknowledgement. She is learning to leave too. They say the only thing constant is change- and in this lifetime I am here to learn how to navigate many changes. I don’t think I did in my recent past lives, in the monastery, or when i was a singer in the 40’s in upstate New York. I was born and I stayed where I was- and that is a lesson too- learning to stay- but mine seems to be learning to embrace change even though it feels like it goes against my nature. We often teach what we need to learn and it is now my vocation to support others through deep transformation and change.

Traveling is a great way to experience change and open new neural pathways– which we are all about here at OTH! This requires awareness, being awake , and presence- all things required of traveling. Everything is new- and your brain loves that! Many things need to be planned and figured out. Every millisecond your brain is cataloguing new sights, sounds, and smells, and perhaps languages! In this article on creating Neurogenesis and Neuroplasticity traveling is number 2 in regards to growing new brain cells and laying down new neural pathways, and as it states, you don’t even have to go far- a weekend road trip will do!

If you don’t immediately have time for that road trip and want support in trying a brand new way of cultivating positive changes in your life – I have a gentle and exploratory new tool called the THE NEURO LIGHT that utilizes your senses to promote positive neuro plastic change in your brain and therefore life. We have been focusing on other systems and organs in our body as far as health care goes- and now it is time to focus on the health of the big kahuna – our precious brains. Read more about bock auf ra. As my mentor says, the brain is the body, the body is the brain- so start to think about keeping your brain in prime condition! Im here to help! feel free to reach out for more info, to schedule, and if you have any questions.

With Love,